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Road accidents are unpredictable and they occur almost every day. The good news is that, with ErnKate Limited as your friend, you can drive at ease knowing that you will be informed of speed limits, possible collisions and more...
We make a future of zero accidents possible.

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About ErnKate Limited

Discover how ErnKate Limited is revolutionizing road and mine safety with our innovative products and solutions. Our mission is to eliminate accidents and save lives through cutting-edge technology.

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Our Road Safety App: ROSMA

Introducing ROSMA: Revolutionizing Road Safety with Innovation

ROSMA, "Road Safety Mobile Application," stands as the pinnacle of cutting-edge ingenuity by ErnKate Limited and it's partners. This visionary app transforms the way motorists navigate, enhancing alertness and safety on journeys spanning towns and cities. With ROSMA at the helm, real-time alerts pertaining to upcoming road signs take center stage, seamlessly bridging gaps even when road signage is absent or tampered with. This innovation ensures that drivers remain informed about speed limits specific to various road segments, cultivating responsible driving habits. In the event of exceeding speed thresholds, ROSMA promptly emits an audible alert, advocating for a reduction in speed, fostering a safer road environment... Read more

ROSMA... Your secret superpower

yellow and black excavator near hill
yellow and black excavator near hill

And let's not forget

Enhancing Mine Safety with ADSL

ADSL (Alerting Device To Save Lives) is a cutting-edge electronic device designed specifically for mine safety. With advanced sensors and real-time monitoring capabilities, ADSL detects potential hazards and alerts miners to take immediate action. Our device has been proven to significantly reduce accidents and improve safety standards in mines. Invest in ADSL today and prioritize the well-being of your mining workforce.

Safety is our core value

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